Honeywell / LXE MX7 Battery

Honeywell / LXE MX7 Battery


From visiting your nearby grocery shop to an international branded store, you will see the use of barcode scanners in almost every shop or business. It is a quick and effective way to add your overall order and proceed with the transaction. It sounds simple right? But they are more than just a simple business tool. Apart from business, they are used in games, movies, events, tracking products, and much more.

These helpful tools don’t work on your hard work. Instead, they require batteries to keep them working. If you own a Honeywell barcode scanner, then the Honeywell LXE MX7 battery will be the best shot in getting a non-stop service. Let's get to know about its feature, the process of placing and removing the battery from the scanner and safety measures in detail.

Product Specifications

The brand new Honeywell LXE MX7 batteries are compatible with any type of original barcode scanner. This replacement battery guarantees a long service life while ensuring a good performance.

  • The battery is composed of Lithium-ion.
  • The battery provides an electric charge capacity up to 3400mAH.
  • The battery comes with a 12 months replacement warranty by the manufacturer.

Compatible Products

These Honeywell LXE MX7 batteries are the best replacement options for the expensive or regular nonusable cells. These types of batteries are specially designed to perform under severe conditions. The best part about them is that they can efficiently maintain 80% of their power even after the one year of shipment. But there are also other battery series which are equally compatible with barcode scanners. Some of them include Honeywell LXE 159904-0001, LXEMX7392BATT-FN, MX7392BAT, and much more.

Battery features

The Honeywell LXE MX7 batteries are manufactured from the top quality Li-ion cells. Not just this, other interesting features also make this battery ideal for varied barcode scanners.

  • The battery uses high quality ‘A’ grade cells.
  • It supports optimal discharge characteristics.
  • The battery is welded with gold plated contacts to provide high performance.
  • The battery is designed with high-quality polycarbonate and ABS plastic to provide good strength and durability.
  • The battery has undergone standard testing such as mechanical shock, short circuit and, high altitude performance.


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