Vertex Standard EVX-261 Radio Battery

Vertex Standard EVX-261 Radio Battery

There are innumerable businesses that depend on two-way radios for elevating their work efficacy and security. Maintaining battery life and health, is therefore, very essential. Losing a battery charge would affect worker communication; this could be dangerous for all on-site and off-site staff members.

The Vertex Standard EVX-261 Radio Battery is ready for your support. This functional battery is 100% reconcilable to the original 2-way radios. The clever making of these trans-receiver radio batteries will surpass the specifications and functionality of the genuine instruments. These replacement batteries are delivered with a 1-year warranty and 30 days refund guarantee.

Compatible Products

Here is a list of all compatible two-way radio batteries:  

  • AAJ67X001
  • AAJ68X001
  • FNB-V133Li
  • FNB-V134Li
  • FNB-V138Li
  • EVX-231
  • EVX-261
  • EVX-530
  • EVX-531
  • EVX-534
  • EVX-539
  • VX-260
  • VX-261
  • VX-456

Low-Battery Indicator

With the increasing use of the two-way radios, the battery charge voltage continuously decreases. Once the battery has lost enough charge, make sure to replace it with a fresh battery and keeping the recharge battery. There is an LED indicator found on the top of the radios, which blinks red notifying about the depleting battery charge.

The Vertex Standard VX-261 is one of the best aftermarket products for the trans-receivers that functions equally well as the original batteries. These can be easily charged with the UNI chargers. The VX-261 passes the accreditation tests and approval standards to enable their use in profound situations. Each battery undergoes through the spec sensors that ensure its safe usage and durability of the battery.

How long can these replacement batteries last?

The Vertex Standard EVX-261 Radio Battery can easily last for approximately 78 to 105 weeks; it might vary according to the frequency in usage and the maintenance of the battery. These replaceable two-way radio batteries are made from Li-ion, which enables quick and easy recharging of these batteries.

Also, the recharging timeframe of the VX-261 battery depends upon charge consumption, radio usage, and radio model. Although under normal circumstances the two-way radio might last for 24 hours and more. Many radios consume a higher battery percentage than a few others, therefore make sure that the battery pack is compatible to work with the radio type and size.

It is also based on overtime and rigorous use of the radio. Various businesses, with common working time, know about risks of neglecting the replacement battery requirements for their 2-way radios. Although, with increased working hours and shifts, the radio batteries might need quick replacements and recharge.

Battery Charging Tips

Maintaining a proper battery charge with its lastingness is a must. However, you must keep the following steps/ tips in mind to ensure longer battery performance retention:

  • The batteries are shipped without any charge, hence get the fresh battery 100% charged before equipping it with the radios
  • Make sure that the two-way radio is switched off while you are changing the VX-261 battery
  • Also, ensure that the chargers you use for charging the battery are appropriate and made for VX-261

Battery Storage

The smoother and effective functioning of the replaceable batteries is subjected to its proper handling and storage. Make a habit of discharging the Vertex Standard EVX-261 Radio Battery to 50% for enhanced power retention. Also, see through that the batteries are kept in a safe and non-hazardous environment to prevent causalities. One another important pointer would be to keep these in controlled and adequately ventilated surroundings since they are made of flammable components.

Battery Life

  • After finishing a complete charge, the battery should be detached from the charger; consistent charging affects battery life
  • Remove the batteries form charge is not kept under surveillance
  • The battery chemistry starts becoming unsteady, users are advised to change it immediately
  • Dispose or recycle the replaceable batteries under appropriate circumstances only

Battery Precautions

  • Avoid using batteries that show signs of immoderate heating, damages, and modifications
  • Do not use or charge the batteries, with the radio, when they are not inadequate temperatures
  • All types of conducting matters should be kept away from the battery; it might cause a short circuit resulting in flames/ smoke
  • Follow the disposal/ recycle regulations properly after using the battery

Other Important Aspects

The replaceable batteries can be used near water and dust particles, but the protection guidelines stated under the Ingress Protection rating should be followed accurately. The IP rating or the Ingress Protection rating is a code of conduct that defines the sealing potency of the electrical products like VX-261 batteries.

After going through the regular maintenance and charging process, make sure that you clean your skin suitably. Also, the contact spots or the battery terminals should be cleaned to increase their endurance. Ensure that you have replaced the batteries within 2 to 5 years of usage, to avoid any unanticipated problems with the trans-receivers.

Battery Runtime

Note down the battery run time after charging and using it for the first time with your two-way radio. Now contras this fresh battery time with the older batteries, and recheck the charging status. The runtime of the replaceable batteries will depend upon the two-way radio’s manufacturing and configuration; including the applications used.  

Intricately check the batteries that have been used for 2+ years and are about to stop functioning. Contemplate over the idea of replacing the old battery with the new one only if:

  • The runtime of the batteries go lower than 80% of the initial time
  • The charge time of the replaceable battery is higher than the previous one

Also, if the battery has to be stored for a long period of time follow the proper storage regulations and standards for the replaceable batteries. If the battery does not show any charge after putting on charge then it might be damaged. Avoid placing it on charge again or using it with your 2-way radio. Get your radio a new battery.

Utilizing trans-receivers to communicate on the worksite is a growing trend. There are various businesses and sectors that use these two-way radios to ease their working and functioning. However, these practical products are not useful without apt batteries like VX-261. There are innumerable reasons behind replaceable two-way radio batteries being so reliable and effective.


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