Honeywell BAT-SCN01 Scanner Battery

Honeywell BAT-SCN01 Scanner Battery

The Barcode Scanner: plain equipment used by various major and minor retail businesses to keep proper records and maintain their inventories. This handy tool helps the sellers in maintaining their orders & reorders, stock management, inventory checking, and other functions.

There are several different types of barcode scanners, with features like Bluetooth & wireless, to make a choice from. But the only thing that will keep them working effectively without breaks is a scanner battery.

One of the best options to go for would be the Honeywell BAT-SCN01 scanner battery. It is manufactured from the top quality SANYO Li-ion cells with 2500mAh electric charge capacity. Accented with gold plated nickel contacts & ultrasonic sealing technique, this battery surpasses the outlook from a genuine Honeywell battery. The varied application and compatibility of this scanner battery make it ideal to be used in various barcode scanners.

Battery Specifications:

  • Li-Ion making
  • 7 volts
  • 3400 mAh battery capacity
  • 58 Whr (Watt Hours)
  • Compatible with the OEM standards

Other Aspects:

  • These batteries have integrated circuits for managing power. It prevents conditions like under-voltage or over-voltage and enhances battery life by decreasing the charging hours.
  • A Honeywell BAT-SCN01 scanner battery can perform up to 300 to 500 charge cycles under normal battery use.
  • The fresh batteries are generally delivered with 0% charge; therefore one has to charge these before using.
  • One must remember to discharge the battery only partially. Complete discharges, even at infrequent occasions, must be discouraged.
  • The battery should be stored in a dry & cool place. Also, the battery temperature should be maintained well.
  • These batteries have received CE and RoHS certification after their quality testing.

These Honeywell BAT-SCN01 batteries are replacement options for the regular and expensive non-reusable cells. It also displays a complete affinity with the original tools and types of equipment. This battery is manufactured for performing under diverse situations durably and reliably. Also, another specialty of these batteries is that they can efficiently retain 80% of their performing power even after a year of shipment.

Battery Characteristics

  • Honeywell BAT-SCN01 scanner battery is made from top quality materials and graded ‘A’ cells
  • To provide maximum conduction, these are fitted with gold plated contacts
  • Proffers optimal discharge qualities
  • Employs high-impact Polycarbonate plastic & ABS casing for rigor
  • These batteries have attained adequate attestations by authorities after clearing numerous & all-inclusive tests
  • The product has a 12-month replacement warranty by the manufacturers

Compatible Products: -

  • 0000495
  • 013283
  • 100000495
  • 10000495
  • 50121527-002
  • BAT-SCN01
  • S-L-0526-E
  • 50121527-005
  • HR-B1
  • 1202g
  • 1902
  • 1902GHD
  • 3820
  • 3820i
  • 4620
  • 4820
  • 4820i
  • 5620
  • 6320
  • Granit 1911i
  • Voyager 1202
  • Voyager 1202G
  • Xenon 1902
  • Xenon 1902GHD
  • Xenon 3820
  • Xenon 3820i
  • Xenon 4820
  • Xenon 4820i
  • Xenon 5620
  • Xenon 6320
  • HR-100

How does the battery lose its power?

All batteries are prone to get discharged after a period of time and stop functioning eventually. This depletion process begins with the first charging process; over time this affects battery life. Comprehensively this process is referred to as power loss & battery degradation. This covers a decline in the battery charging capacity, growing resistance, increased self-discharge, and a few other effects.

Battery Charging Capacity:

The charge acceptance of the battery decreased with time, it is caused by cell oxidation. The loss of electrons from the battery cells is Cell oxidation. However, this is a standard phase in the battery charge life.

Growing Resistance:

The impedance, or internal resistance, regulates the runtime and performance of the battery. After long use of the battery, the cells become a factor in increasing the resistance like the oxidation process. Although the cell might have power left, the poor conductivity will hinder the electric flow.

Increased Self- Discharge:

Each battery comes with an inborn self-discharge capability. The Lithium ion batteries can get discharged about 5% in the initial 24-hours and 1%-2% in the following months of battery usage. If stored or operated in high temperatures, the self-discharging capacity of the battery will increase. It also increases with the use and aging of the battery.

Untimely Cut-Off Voltage:

There are few devices that do not function with the battery having a low charge. They inhibit utilizing the complete charge to retain battery life. This allows the battery to stay operative before being plugged in for a charge.

Pros of Replaceable Batteries

The replaceable batteries have been in use in different fields for years now, and they still have an important position in the market and stock management. This was made possible by the increasing benefits of using these batteries. One of the major advantages of these batteries is that these are environmentally friendly; as compared to the one-use batteries. They can be used, after recharging, multiple times before they lose their qualities.

Additionally, these batteries require lesser resources. This means that the batteries can save your money and demands fewer replacement occasions. While the one-use batteries will have to be thrown, one can recharge these batteries and use them again. These also create lesser waste, unlike the single-use cells, and function equally well throughout the time. This quality has eased the functioning of many businesses and retailers.  

Cons of Replaceable Batteries

One of the topmost disadvantages of these batteries is that they have a lower voltage when contrasted with the single-use batteries. While this might not sound challenging, it can leave serious impacts on the performance and output of the device. The second disadvantage would be higher advance costs. The price tag of a quality battery charger might cover the saved capital. With increasing use, these batteries might turn unpredictable and perform poorly with decreasing battery life. This can be coped with by a good charger, but this will only delay the decline in performance.

The replaceable batteries like Honeywell BAT-SCN01 scanner battery are the perfect options for barcode scanning gadgets and electronics. They can cope up easily with the quick energy consumption of the device. And with an easy recharging feature, one can leave behind the frequent replacing concerns behind. They are functional, cost-effective, and optimal for various electronics.


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