Vertex Standard VX-261 Radio Battery

Vertex Standard VX-261 Radio Battery

Two way radios or trans-receivers are great devices for transmitting and receiving audio signals. With their increased industrial and professional use, these devices have undergone great innovations, like dust-proof, water-resistant, and immunity to impacts. One thing that can affect the smooth working of these radios is a worn-out radio battery.

While there are numerous concerns regarding the battery life and charging, the latest Vertex Standard VX-261 radio battery is the best radio battery for your trans-receivers. These replacement batteries are said to go above and beyond the outlook of the original device and the specifications stated by the manufacturer.

Battery features

  • Manufactured from best quality grade 'A' cells
  • Equipped with gold plated contacts with resistance welding to amplify the battery performance
  • Supplies high-quality discharge quality
  • The casing is made from Polycarbonate plastic and ABS for enhanced toughness
  • Each battery is certified from accredited sources, after being tested through various tests that qualify and assert the battery abilities
  • Product is shipped with a free 12-month renewal warranty for manufacturing defects

Why Vertex Standard VX-261?

The Vertex Standard VX-261 radio battery is made of Lithium Ion or Li-ion and is customarily used in the two-way radios. This is credited to their elevated energy-to-weight ratio, they are 30% lightweight than other batteries. These batteries are some of the most high-priced chemistry products in the industry. One of the biggest advantages of these batteries is that they have the least impact of the memory effect. The Li-ion batteries like Vertex Standard VX-261 are eco-friendly since they do not contain detrimental materials like Mercury & Cadmium. Advantage two would be their power to weight ratio. These batteries are smaller and lighter than other batteries

Vertex Standard VX-261 is a top-quality replacement battery for the two-way radios. These trans-receiver batteries are ideally compatible with the original gadgets and types of equipment. It is designed especially for proffering dependable performance with lasting durability. The product can retain its 80% performance ability even after 12 months of shipment.

How to preserve battery life?

Rechargeable batteries might not repose suddenly, but the performance drains out with time. For maintaining battery health, one must implement a few steps towards healthier battery life. The manufacturers of the batteries promote daily testing of battery health and analyzers.

Turn Off the GPS receivers

The GPS receiver, interconnected with the two way radio, promotes overconsumption of the battery charge. If you turn off the GPS receiver, the battery life will get an instant boost. One other option could be getting the GPS activated by the field commander or dispatcher only when needed. The radio automatically utilizes less battery life and performance.

Battery Regenerators

All batteries go through the situation of memory effect, including the Vertex Standard VX-261 radio battery Li-ion battery. This affects the battery charging capacity and avoids complete charging. To prevent this, one can use battery conditioning chargers; these can recognize the memory effect and perform corrective measures. If not, the one can discharge the battery completely before recharging it.  

Avoid Constant Charging

Refrain from leaving the trans-receiver Vertex Standard VX-261 batteries on charge for longer periods, this will have adverse effects on the battery abilities. With continuous charging, the battery life will degrade quicker than the batteries which are used with precautionary measures.

Substitute Old Batteries

Even after carefully using and charging the batteries, they might give up after a particular period. Make sure to keep a close check on the battery life, as they might die without forewarning causing damage to the electronic device or gadget. The batteries should be replaced after every 18 months; mainly if they are used and charged regularly.

Opt for the Correct Battery

The normal two way radio batteries easily live through the uniform working periods. If the requirement of the radio lasts longer than the shifts, then make sure to use a more durable and reliable battery. Original Li-ion Vertex Standard VX-261 radio battery can be charged frequently without any deprivation of the battery lifespan.  

Why is Battery Temperature related To Battery Life?

The battery temperature, while storing or using, should be maintained to keep up the performance of the two way radios and the battery. The batteries are known to function their best when kept in room temperature. The batteries recharged in hot surroundings, they might last 25% lesser even with a complete charge. While in colder surroundings, this number might rise to 50%. One must discharge the battery completely then bring it to the room temperature before plugging them in for a charge. 

Safety Precautions

Keep in mind that these batteries have chemicals under their protective seals; these can be harmful under all circumstances. While in normal conditions, the battery may remain intact. But slight neglect can prove out to be injurious. Remember these precautions:

  • Prevent overcharging of the battery at higher currents as this leads to swiftly growing gas generation and pressure. This will result in a swelled or ruptured battery.
  • Never dismantle the battery body or parts. As stated, the chemical composition of the battery can be toxic for the skin and health.
  • Avoid battery short circuits. Ensure that it remains disconnected from the charger when not in use. The short circuit can lead to serious damages and burns to the operator as well as other resources.
  • Never use fresh and old or different batteries together, this can lead to serious and expensive causalities.

The two way radios are the new generation versions of the walkie-talkies and have a more professional application in the industry. These are operated by the Vertex Standard VX-261 batteries, which are safe, effective, and impactful when contrasted with other batteries. These batteries power up the trans-receivers and support easier & quicker communication among people. After understanding the pros and cons, you just need the ideal replaceable batteries like Vertex Standard VX-261 to make your two-way radios work.


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