About Us

NextBatteries.com is the best place for all your power solutions. We aim at providing the very best and highest quality replacement batteries at an affordable price that suits every budget.  Our company offers durable products that best solves all power challenges, we make adequate solutions and provisions for keeping your mobile devices powered and connecting your workforce. Our products includes quality replacement  batteries, chargers, and related products such as barcode scanners, two way radios, GPS receivers, specialty wireless phones, thermal imaging devices, medical equipment’s, laptop computers, flashlight and more.

We are specialized and committed to providing premium quality products at an incredibly competitive price that reduces cost and meet every budgeting goal. At NextBatteries.com, our ability is matched by the commitment to providing our customers the very best of their money therefore our highly dedicated team of battery specialist are readily available to assist and meet all your power challenges and requirement. Our staffs provides renowned, attentive customer services and maintain technical certifications to support remote and local customers, emergency workers in government and enterprise to satisfaction.

NextBatteries.com was started after recognizing the need for the provision of credible services to agencies and department requiring a bid process to purchase power product. We feel it is of utmost importance to get the correct products and permanent solutions for power needs as well as a reliable quality products at a competitive price.


  • High-Quality Products: Only the best quality battery both in production process and quality of the cell are available. Our battery packs uses Japanese cells of very high quality produced by industry leaders such as Sanyo and Panasonic.

  • Excellent Service: Our battery experts’ offers excellent and professional power services that best meet all requirements and challenges. We are committed to providing our customers both in private enterprise and government agencies quality services and product that best meet their demands.

  • Friendly Prices: we are one of the most competitive from a price-quality view, reducing cost and meeting budget goals. We fulfill your orders speedily, 98% percent of credit card orders are shipped within 24 hours of order receipt, excluding weekends and other federal holidays. We offer up to 80% off the OEM prices.

  • Easy Returns: We offer a month money-back guarantee on all our product and also a year free replacement warranty on all our battery packs for manufacturer’s defects. However, the returned item must be in initial factory packaging and also note that shipping charges will not be refunded.

  • Customer Care: Our customer care unit provides for a customer friendly experience, assisting on online selection experience and ordering made easy either by email, phone or web.

  • Certified Satisfaction: NextBatteries.com delivers series and extensive range of proven power products that leaves our customers satisfied all year round. Our professional products had stood the test of time and generally accepted in all sectors and agencies.