These days, it has become more essential to protect employees against air contamination in their respective workplaces. From petrochemical plants to hospitals, the usage of exotic materials and sophisticated methods is growing and increasing the chances of precarious accidental risk to breathable hazards.

PAPR thus provides protection to complete facepieces with cartridges in the environments that need the protracted wear of air-purifying equipment. To make the work more efficient and quick, you have an option of long-lasting battery. Don’t worry, you won’t need to search about the battery options, as we have already come up with the best battery for you- Bullard PA30 PAPR Battery.

Battery Specifications

If your blower is not performing the desired operation, then it be should be immediately replaced. The new Bullard PA30 PAPR battery will be the most appropriate replacement for your old one. The battery comes with a number of specifications that are as follows:

  • It has 100% OEM compatibility. It claims to exceed and meet OEM specifications.
  • The battery has a capacity to deliver up to 3500 mAH energy charge.
  • It supplies the power of 21W in an hour.
  • The rechargeable battery consists of nickel-metal hydride (NiMH).
  • The battery supports up to 800 charging and discharging cycles.
  • It is quality tested and CE certified.

How to Charge?

Bullard PA30 PAPR batteries can be recharged in two ways either with a charger or battery pack. Here are the following steps that you should consider at the time charging with any of your desired preference.

With Charger
To fully charge your battery with a charger, follow the direction when you observe some light indication on the charger.

  • When the light blinks again, remove the battery pack and place it again into the equipment.
  • When the charger light blinks for the third time, it will indicate that your battery is completely charged.
  • Moreover, make sure that you follow this method only after a quite long time of storage. Without any periodic charging, the NiMH batteries tend to lose around 2% of the charge daily. During the time of prolonged storage, allow your battery to self-discharge in order to avoid battery damage.

With Battery Pack
A completely charged battery will supply power to your blower for around five to nine hours. To charge your battery pack, perform the procedure according to the guidelines.

  • Open the battery latch and take out the battery from the blower.
  • Insert each battery in the respective charging slots of the battery charger.
  • Connect the charger to 110V AC electrical outlet.
  • Allow it to charge for at least 7 hours.
  • When the battery is charging, the light on a charger will remain on and it will blink when the charging is complete.

Advantages of Using PA30 Battery
Bullard PA30 batteries have always maintained a high performance for prolonged periods. There are a variety of benefits that you get with this battery. Some of them are as follows:

1. Protection, Comfort, Value
The Bullard PA30 version protects workers against vapors and harmful gases. It performs this by drawing ambient air with the help of a filter and then supplies the same with the breathing tube into the worker’s headpiece. The latest technology incorporates a customer-driven approach to make the series more unique and comfortable.

2. Battery Design
The unique battery packs on the PA30 are designed inside its housing profile. It ensures easy air removal. The batteries are independent of the airflow chamber to maintain the integrity of the blower.

3. Battery Performance and Durability
The Bullard PA30 version employs NiMH batteries that do not face any memory issue of NiCad battery technology. The NiMH compositions reduce weight while guaranteeing up to 12 hours of battery performance. The innovative design in Bullard PA30 also ensures high quality as compared to the other techniques that use IS technology.

4. Headtop Options
The Bullard PA30 version of PAPR is tested successfully. It is suitable to work on a variety of headtops. The complete Spectrum facepiece is accessible in a PAPR configuration as a PA30 Series PAPR. All headtops are also available in supplied air configurations, enabling you to use one headpiece for both powered air and supplied air.

General Maintenance Guidelines
Bullard rechargeable PAPR batteries supply consistent power for a long time with charging or discharging rates up to 800 cycles, but their battery life will be reduced when they are subjected to high temperatures for an extended time. To increase your battery life, some of these guidelines regarding its easy maintenance should be followed.

  • Use a Bullard charger that is particularly provided for your desired battery pack.
  • Battery packs can be charged at the time of its discharge cycle. It means that it should be charged after an hour or multiple hours of use.
  • Try to avoid charging your batteries under high temperatures, especially above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The batteries that are discharging at less or 1V output will significantly damage the battery cells and may falsely indicate a complete charge. To prevent such situations do not operate the blower for more than 15 minutes.

How to get the best performance from the battery?
Batteries have a tendency to self-discharge after a period of time, if not used at a regular interval. However, the rate at which the battery gets discharged can be reduced slightly if maintained properly. In order to maximize battery life, here are some of the key points that you should remember.

  • Do not charge your battery packs in a closed cabinet.
  • Always charge your batteries at lower temperatures or room temperature. When charged at a high temperature, the battery may not accept a complete charge. If the battery pack tends to become hot while charging, then remove it and allow it to cool and then again begin with the charging process.

Once your old batteries get damaged, it should be immediately disposed of and replaced with the new ones. The low weight and high-performance capacity of Bullard PA30 PAPR batteries make it an excellent choice for industrial workers, police departments, health care sectors, and much more.


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