Buyers guide for Motorola MC9090 battery

Buyers guide for Motorola MC9090 battery

Motorola MC9090 or MC9000 Series has been one of the bestselling Mobile Computer for Motorola/Symbol and Zebra. MC9090 comes with a Li-Ion battery which delivers 7.4V of power to run the scanner. This battery also comes in two options, Long and Short.

The compatible battery part numbers are: 21-61261-01, 21-65587-03, 21-66587-02, KT-21-612101, KT-21-61261-02, 21-65587, 21-65587-03, 21-66587-02, BTRY-MC90SAB00-01, KT-21-61261-01, 21-65587-01, 21-65587-08, BRTY-MC90SAB00-01, KT-21-61261, SL1960D, 21-65587-01, 21-65587-08, 82-111734-01, KT-21-612101, KT-21-61261-02, 21-65587-02, 21-66587-01, BTRY-MC90SAB00-01, KT-21-61261-01, 21-61261-01, 21-65587-02, 21-66587-01, BRTY-MC90SAB00-01, KT-21-61261, Symbol SL1960D.

Getting Started:
Prior to using your mobile computer, introduce a lithium-particle battery by sliding the battery into the gadget until you hear two discernible snaps. At the point when a battery is completely embedded into the gadget out of the blue the versatile PC boots and powers on naturally.

The backup battery ought to likewise be completely energized before utilizing the gadget. To achieve this, place the unit in the support. A totally released back up battery will take as long as 15 hours to completely charge. The versatile PCs back up battery will consequently charge from the primary battery after the main starting total charge. The reinforcement battery holds information in memory for in any event 30 minutes when the primary battery is expelled, given that the reinforcement battery is completely energized.

Removing the battery:
Power off the device and the press the two sides to release the battery, the battery will partially eject from the device. Pause 3 to 4 seconds while the device performs battery removal shut down. Now press the secondary battery release, on top of the battery, and slide the battery out of the mobile computer.


  • Leave the versatile PC associated with AC control consistently when not being used.
  • Set the portable PC to mood killer after a brief time of non-use.
  • Set the showcase and console backdrop illumination to turn after a brief time of non-use.
  • Turn off all remote movement when not being used.
  • Power off the versatile PC when charging to charge at a quicker rate.


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