Epson EMC36 Battery

High Quality Epson EMC36 replacement laptop battery designed to meet or exceed the original battery in quality, durability and performance. This Brand New Epson EMC36 battery uses 'A' Grade battery cells for better performance and more reliability.


Usually Ships Within 4-7 Days

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High Quality Epson EMC36 replacement laptop battery designed to meet or exceed the original battery in quality, durability and performance. This Brand New Epson EMC36 battery uses 'A' Grade battery cells for better performance and more reliability.

Battery Features:

  • Made with "A" Grade battery cells.
  • Uses high impact ABS and Poly-carbonate plastic for strength.
  • Built to perform under adverse conditions such as extreme heat, cold, shock, or motion.
  • Guaranteed to perform at 80% of original capacity for 12 months.
  • 100% compatible to manufacturer specifications.


Battery Specifications:

SKU Capacity Chemistry Voltage Dimensions Availability Price
LBAS20-LI6600C 6600 mAh Li-ion 10.8 148.50 x 89.00 x 19.40mm Ships within 4 to 7 Days $63.90


Compatible Laptop Models & Batteries:

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AST DR202, AST EMC36, AST ME202BB, AST NL2020, AST SMP02, BSI DR202, BSI EMC36, BSI ME202BB, BSI NL2020, BSI SMP02, Canon DR202, Canon EMC36, Canon ME202BB, Canon NL2020, Canon SMP02, Chem DR202, Chem EMC36, Chem ME202BB, Chem NL2020, Chem SMP02, Chicony DR202, Chicony EMC36, Chicony ME202BB, Chicony NL2020, Chicony SMP02, Clevo DR202, Clevo EMC36, Clevo ME202BB, Clevo NL2020, Clevo SMP02, Commax DR202, Commax EMC36, Commax ME202BB, Commax NL2020, Commax SMP02, CTX DR202, CTX EMC36, CTX ME202BB, CTX NL2020, CTX SMP02, Daewoo DR202, Daewoo EMC36, Daewoo ME202BB, Daewoo NL2020, Daewoo SMP02, DFI DR202, DFI EMC36, DFI ME202BB, DFI NL2020, DFI SMP02, Duracell DR202, Duracell EMC36, Duracell ME202BB, Duracell NL2020, Duracell SMP02, Epson DR202, Epson EMC36, Epson ME202BB, Epson NL2020, Epson SMP02, Hitachi DR202, Hitachi EMC36, Hitachi ME202BB, Hitachi NL2020, Hitachi SMP02, IDP DR202, IDP EMC36, IDP ME202BB, IDP NL2020, IDP SMP02, JDSU LI202S-6600, JDSU LI202S66A, KAPOK DR202, KAPOK EMC36, KAPOK ME202BB, KAPOK NL2020, KAPOK SMP02, KDS DR202, KDS EMC36, KDS ME202BB, KDS NL2020, KDS SMP02, Kiwi DR202, Kiwi EMC36, Kiwi ME202BB, Kiwi NL2020, Kiwi SMP02, Magitronic DR202, Magitronic EMC36, Magitronic ME202BB, Magitronic NL2020, Magitronic SMP02, MegaImage DR202, MegaImage EMC36, MegaImage ME202BB, MegaImage NL2020, MegaImage SMP02, Micro Int DR202, Micro Int EMC36, Micro Int ME202BB, Micro Int NL2020, Micro Int SMP02, Multi Media DR202, Multi Media EMC36, Multi Media ME202BB, Multi Media NL2020, Multi Media SMP02, NEC DR202, NEC EMC36, NEC ME202BB, NEC NL2020, NEC SMP02, Northgate DR202, Northgate EMC36, Northgate ME202BB, Northgate NL2020, Northgate SMP02, NorthStar DR202, NorthStar EMC36, NorthStar ME202BB, NorthStar NL2020, NorthStar SMP02, NTK DR202, NTK EMC36, NTK ME202BB, NTK NL2020, NTK SMP02, Olivetti DR202, Olivetti EMC36, Olivetti ME202BB, Olivetti NL2020, Olivetti SMP02, Pico DR202, Pico EMC36, Pico ME202BB, Pico NL2020, Pico SMP02, Sager DR202, Sager EMC36, Sager ME202BB, Sager NL2020, Sager SMP02, Samsung DR202, Samsung DR202s, Samsung EMC36, Samsung LIP967, Samsung ME202BB, Samsung NJ1020, Samsung NL2020, Samsung SL202, Samsung SL36, Samsung SMP202, Samsung SMP36, Samsung SSB-V20CLS/E, Samsung SSB-V20KLS, Smart-Tec DR202, Smart-Tec EMC36, Smart-Tec ME202BB, Smart-Tec NL2020, Smart-Tec SMP02, Sys-Tech DR202, Sys-Tech EMC36, Sys-Tech ME202BB, Sys-Tech NL2020, Sys-Tech SMP02, Tatung DR202, Tatung EMC36, Tatung ME202BB, Tatung NL2020, Tatung SMP02, Tiger DR202, Tiger EMC36, Tiger ME202BB, Tiger NL2020, Tiger SMP02, TJ Technolo DR202, TJ Technolo EMC36, TJ Technolo ME202BB, TJ Technolo NL2020, TJ Technolo SMP02, Trigem DR202, Trigem EMC36, Trigem ME202BB, Trigem NL2020, Trigem SMP02, Trogon DR202, Trogon EMC36, Trogon ME202BB, Trogon NL2020, Trogon SMP02, Twinhead DR202, Twinhead EMC36, Twinhead ME202BB, Twinhead NL2020, Twinhead SMP02, Wedge Tech DR202, Wedge Tech EMC36, Wedge Tech ME202BB, Wedge Tech NL2020, Wedge Tech SMP02


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