Dogtra 2200NCP Transmitter Battery
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Dogtra 2200NCP Transmitter Replacement Battery

$17.70 $15.90

This is a replacement compatible battery for Dogtra 2200NCP Transmitter which comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty. Battery Features: Made with superior quality battery cells. Uses high impact ABS and...

Handling time 2-7 Days
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Select An Option: (300 mAh - Ni-MH - 4.8V)

(300 mAh - Ni-MH - 4.8V)
(300 mAh - Ni-MH - 4.8V)
(700 mAh - Ni-MH - 7.2V)

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This is a replacement compatible battery for Dogtra 2200NCP Transmitter which comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee and 12 months warranty.

Battery Features:

  • Made with superior quality battery cells.
  • Uses high impact ABS and Poly-carbonate plastic for strength.
  • Built to perform under standard operating conditions.
  • Guaranteed to perform at 80% of original capacity for 12 months.
  • Compatible to manufacturer specifications.
Disclaimer: Our products are not affiliated with any original manufactures. They are used for descriptive purposes, and to demonstrate compatibility only.

Battery Specifications:
SKU Capacity Chemistry Voltage Dimensions Handling Time Condition Price
DCDO1-NM300NB 300 mAh Ni-MH 4.8 58.24 x 20.59 x 10.63mm Takes 2 to 7 Business Days New $15.90
DCDO1-NM700NB 700 mAh Ni-MH 7.2 45.50 x 30.90 x 20.50mm Takes 2 to 7 Business Days New $22.90

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