Zebra ZQ510 Battery

Zebra ZQ510 Battery

These days, mobile printers have come into existence to remove the distance that workers used to travel in the search of labels. Mobile printers can, in turn, boost productivity along with providing a complete return on ROI in less than a year when employed in the distribution center, warehouse, or other industrial environments. In order to maintain efficiency and accuracy in the distribution center or warehouse, Radio Frequency Identification (RIFD) or barcoding systems are imperative.

Mobile printers have thus become an important part as at each stage the user relies on printing their labels. To improve the efficiency of your portable Zebra ZQ510 printer, you must run it with a powerful battery. We have come up with an easy guide that will help you select the best battery for your printer.

Product Specifications

The new Zebra ZQ510 Batteries are always compatible with your barcode printers. It meets all specifications while guaranteeing high performance. Here is a complete list of features offered by Zebra ZQ510 Batteries.

  • The battery falls under the Li-ion category.
  • The battery can supply an electric charge of up to 5200 mA per hour.
  • The battery comes with a warranty of one year.

Compatible Products

Energy management is essential to keep your workforce active. Zebra's long-lasting batteries are there to power your mobile printer without reducing its productivity. There is a broad range of batteries that are available in both extended and standard packs to meet your desired needs. The major ones include ZQ500, ZQ510, ZQ520, Zebra P1023901, P1043399, QLN220, QLN320, and much more.

Battery Features

The batteries from Zebra provide high-quality replacement with sufficient power for a variety of uses. They are supported to work for a longer duration. Its some of the major features include:

  • The battery has a long lifespan due to its no memory effect and modern lithium technology.
  • Each cell in a battery is separately tested to meet professional standards.
  • The batteries are featured with several circuit protections such as overheat, overcharging, short circuit, and excess voltage.
  • It is 100% compatible with all mobile printers.

About this Smart Battery

The ZQ510 series pack is a high capacity battery that enables your printer to monitor its operating parameters efficiently. The battery also supports a status indicator which allows the users to observe its condition and alerts when to remove or recharge the battery from the service.

The smart battery supports three states that are good, poor, and replace. With the help of this status, you can analyze whether your printer is in the condition to operate or not.

Installing the Battery

Batteries come in their sleep mode in order to preserve their maximum capacity before its initial usage. Once you get your desired battery in your hand, simply plug it in the AC adapter or insert it into a Quad charger to wake it up before using it for the first time. Once you are done with the process, follow these procedures to place your battery correctly into your printer.

  1. Place the battery compartment on the bottom part of the printer.
  2. Insert the battery into the printer.
  3. Adjust the battery into the compartment until it perfectly fits in place.

Battery Safety

The safety of your battery is a major concern and it should never be taken too lightly. Here are some of the safety measures which you should follow at the time of charging your printer’s battery.

  • Use the charger that is particularly designed for Zebra batteries in order to protect your battery and printer from any type of damage.
  • Avoid accidental short circuits in your battery. If the terminals of the battery are in contact with a conductor, then it may create a short circuit and cause injuries or burns.
  • Do not ignite or disassemble your battery to the temperatures higher than 65 degrees Celsius.

Battery Health Indicator

The printers always come with a LED that indicates the status of your battery pack. The battery health is evaluated when it is inserted in the charger. Once the charger is placed appropriately, LED will blink and remain turned on as long as power is supplied into it. Here are the LED color indications which will show the respective battery status to you.

  • When your battery is charging, LED will turn yellow.
  • When there is a fault in the battery, LED will turn amber.
  • When your battery is charged completely, LED will indicate a green color.

Why Are These Batteries Best For Your Printer?

Battery packs that are not discharged completely take less time in charging. Batteries can be used if they are charged at least up to 80%. However, it is always recommended to use the battery that is completely charged in order to maintain its maximum battery life.

In case of a fully charged battery, the printer can load the entire printhead. But in cases such as cold temperatures or low voltage, the battery's health tries to decline.  As a result, the printer will shift its printing technique to divide the print line into small pieces. In this way, it can print safely without discharging the battery life. 

Extending Battery Life

Are you looking to extend your battery life and expecting to have the same faster operation and flexibility as before? Follow some of these major points which will help you to extend the usage of your battery for a prolonged time.

  • Always charge your battery at a cool temperature or below 40 Degree Celsius.
  • Use the appropriate media for your printing needs. An authorized Zebra reseller can help you to analyze the excellent media for your application.
  • You should always have a battery backup. Try to purchase an additional battery.
  • If you are not using your printer for a day or more, then remove the battery as it will prevent the battery’s discharge.


Whether it’s about printing receipts or labels, Zebra ZQ510 batteries will ensure maximum run time and will help you to get the most out of your printer capabilities. Once your old batteries don't perform according to your desired needs, go for a better performing battery like Zebra ZQ510. With high-quality cells and advanced technology, it will ensure long-lasting charge for up to several years.


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